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Bereavement and Loss


The death of someone we dearly love is a traumatic life event.

Feelings of desperation, loneliness, fear, guilt, depression, anger, relief and elation, can be overwhelming – and confusing.

For many of us there is no clear path for how we should feel, how we should deal with our loss or the feelings that follow the death of a loved one. It can seem as though we are alone in a wilderness, trying to find a way out, a way home, where life can feel safe again.

Grief is very personal to each of us and, while some appear unaffected and ‘stoic’ , others seem to crumble and wonder if the world will ever look the same again.

The task of mourning cannot be rushed or directed by another. There is no right way to grieve, there is no wrong way to grieve.

Without the funeral rituals and ceremonies belonging to other cultures the mourner asks himself: "Is this ok? Am I ok to be feeling like this?" and he is met by silence. He can feel ‘wrong’ even in his sadness, especially if others are telling him how to feel. Well-meaning friends seem not to understand: "You need to get out more!", "You’ll meet someone else...", and "You’ll have another...” fail to make us feel better. They often make us feel worse.

However, in choosing counselling, you will find someone to hear you, to be with you, to share your journey and help you in it.